service product

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Services are products which do not come in hardware. In the EV charging market services are as important as the actual physical chargers. In the young branche services like consultancy and workshops are essential to provide interested companies with expertise and knowledge for their projects.

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Max Wojtynia E-Mobility Consulting Sales training electric mobility

SYNERTICS Location Planning

&Charge &Charge Partner

Localiser Fast Finder

CHARGERY AC Charge on demand

Service4Charger Analysis and qualification of charging station locations

Service4Charger Mobile charging infrastructure for events

EVoltify charge on demand service

yoove Mobility HeyCharger

chargeIQ ChargeSharing: Scan-to-pay QR-Code

Frequentum workshop for development of charging solutions

Wiedergrün Plug and Charge Workshop

Kick-Start your Plug and Charge Development!

SMATRICS Company Charging

E-Flux Fleet management