Good News! Smart-me starts a crowdfunding campaign for an innovative EV charging station

Pico is a new high-tech charging station- Join the Kickstarter crowd founding- read more in the press article...

Published 2 months ago

How do you double the sustainability of the electromobility

Learn wit b2charge about recycled materials in charging stations. Some electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers are living the idea of sustainability.

Published 3 months ago

Why does my socket turn black when I charge my EV car at home?

You like to charge your EV at home or at work. You can use your conventional socket at home but that comes with some risks and disadvantages.

Published 3 months ago

The advantages and disadvantages of OCHP

Visit to learn about OCHP. The Open Clearing House Protocol is an open-source protocol to connect market actors in the field of EV charging.

Published 3 months ago

How would you explain the OCPP to your boss?

A short and essential summary about OCPP. Understand the benefits of the Open Charge Point Protocol for the purchase of a charging station for an EV.

Published 4 months ago

10 Facts about OCPP that you need to know

OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) for EV charging stations- It is a universal application protocol. These facts help you to get a summary of OCPP.

Published 4 months ago

10 Things you need to know about High Power Charging (HPC)

No matter if you are looking into buying an EV or building a charging station. The term HPC is all around and you should know it!

Published 5 months ago

IK: Protecting Charging Stations from Vandalism

How do you protect your EV charging station? The degree of resistance or protection for electrical equipment is measured by the IK classification.

Published 6 months ago


This is the time to stay together. It comes with the capacity to grow in difficult circumstances. b2charge offers you marketing support and a free standard listing to keep growing.

Published 6 months ago

GPRS – the low-cost friend of LTE

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)- Learn about a recycled communication standard. It is a cheap and stable solution to meet the needs of EV charging.

Published 6 months ago