fast charging

Synonyms: rapid charging

All charging power levels: standard charging, fast charging, high power charging

Equipment for fast charging sessions supporting charging powers up to 22kW or more. Typically for high power charging in public are DC fast chargers. DC stands for direct current and enables higher charging powers than AC (alternating current) charging technologies within the E-mobility context. Many new cars will be compatible with DC fast charging technology, although it might still be offered as extra equipment. The in Europe typically used charging plug for DC fast charging ist the CCS Combo 2 plug. Another standard more common in the Asian market is the CHAdeMO plug which is also based on DC gid. With AC technology it is also possible to reach charging powers over 22 kW up to 43 kW if the car and the charger are compatible with such high charging current which therefore can be described as fast charging. Also 22kW DC charging Stations can be count to fast charging because DC to DC charging has a higher efficiency based on the fact that no power transformation needs to be done.

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