fast charging

Synonyms: rapid charging

All charging power levels:standard charging, high power charging, fast charging

Equipment for fast charging sessions supporting charging powers of 22 kW and more. Typical chargers for high power charging in public are DC fast chargers. DC stands for direct current and enables for higher charging rates than AC (alternating current) chargers. Most modern ev cars support DC fast charging. The typical charging connectors for DC fast charging are CCS Combo 2 (Europe) CCS Combo 1 (US) and CHAdeMO (Asia, US) plug. Also with AC technology it is possible to reach charging powers over 22 kW and up to 43 kW if the car supports it. Also 22 kW DC charging stations can be counted to fast charging because it allows cars to charge faster than their on-board charger would support it in a AC-setup.

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EEBC European Electrical Bus Company Charging Station 80 kW

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designwerk stationary dc fast charger

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