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RFID is a contactless radio frequency based communication method based that is in E-Mobility typically used for as technological basis for the charging cards of the Mobility Service Providers. Therefore this communication technology is usually integrated in charging infrastructure especially in public charging stations. RFID cards enable the end customer to authenticate himself to the charging station and prove that he possesses a valid contract the charging session can be billed to later on. RFID communication technology is widely used in many different branches and products.

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Mer eeDrive

Charging solution for charging at public stations and if applicable at the company location

EEBC European Electrical Bus Company 20kW /40kW EEBC Lader

EEBC European Electrical Bus Company 20kW /40kW EEBC Wallbox

EEBC European Electrical Bus Company Charging Station 80 kW

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ies Wallbox KEYWATT Multi Standard