Type 2

Synonyms: Mennekes plug

All plug types:CHAdeMO , CCS Combo 2, Type 2, CCS Combo 1, Type 1, Type 3, domestic plug

The Type 2 plug, standardized by IEC 62196, is a triple-phase plug and can support up to 43 kW when operated with 400 V and 63 A. When charging single phase this connector can be operated with 230V and 32A which will deliver a total charging current of 7,4 kW. In the European market the Type 2 plug is the commonly used standard for AC charging and most public AC charging stations are compatible with this standard. The common maximum of AC charging at home with the Type 2 connector at a wallbox is 22kW when operated with 400 V and 32 A which is a quite fast for the home charging use case. Which charging current will finally flow through the cable depends on many different factors like car, charging station, temperature and battery state of charge.

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