SYNERTICS Location Planning

At Synertics we develop digital and data-driven solutions for the mobility industry with the purpose to increase the productivity and financial viability of products and services when selecting locations and allocating fleets. Our Location Planning solution allows charging station providers to identify promising locations to drive up utilization and thus increase revenues. In addition our technology takes consumer profiles and market trends into consideration in order to target charging station users more effectively.


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service product

Services are products which do not come in hardware. In the EV charging market services are as important as the actual physical chargers. In the young branche services like consultancy and workshops are essential to provide interested companies with expertise and knowledge for their projects. Find more products…


Consultancy is a well-known business sector based on offering a consultant service for companies for a specific project or a period of time. This gives companies the flexibility to integrate experts in specific project teams for limited periods of time without having to hire someone in a fixed setting. Find more products…